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Physiology mcqs

Physiology MCQs Week 4 1. With respect to blood flow dynamics, which of the following statements is FALSE? Answer A AnswerB AnswerC AnswerD AnswerE According to Poiseuille’s Law, the rate of blood flow is proportional to the fourth power ofthe radius A patient with polycythemia exhibits faster blood flow in the capillaries than an anaemic patient Increasing arterial blood pressure between 70 …

MCQs in Physiology –

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MCQs HumanPhysiology Excretion Sense organs

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Madhavan, Lecturer in Zoology, SGGHSS, Puducherry-605003. 5 13, When corpus luteum ceases to function, it is replace by a scar tissue_____. a] endometrium b} corpus albicans c] epididymis d] liver 14, Copper-T can remain in the uterus for period of ____ a} 3 years b] 10 years c] 14 years d] 10 months 15, The permanent birth control method for male is ___. a] tubectomy b] cervical cap c] Condom …

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