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ANIMALS UNIT 1 – Assets – Cambridge University Press

unit 1 animals Cambridge University Press

UNIT 1 15 ANIMALS UNIT 1 YOUR KNOWLEDGE Work with a partner. Discuss the questions below. 1 Is it better to see animals in a zoo or in the wild? Why? 2 Are there more wild animals in your country now or were there more in the past? Why? 3 Why do people keep domestic animals in their homes? 4 What things do we need animals for? 5 Which animals do you think are going to die out in the near future?

Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-71300-9 – More! 2 …

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Units 1 and 2 UNIT 3 Holidays Learn LearnMORE about culture The United States of America Read ReadMORE for pleasure Storytelling • comparisons • physical appearance• talk about opinions • describe people • learn about Atlantis • read about animals from •Atlantis write about an animal from Atlantis • jobs in the house • talk about future plans • listen to a play and choose …

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Unit Guide – Macquarie University

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Cambridge University Press. (12) Week 7. From social learning to human culture (34) 1. Hill, K. (2010). Experimental studies of animal social learning in the wild: Trying to untangle the mystery of human culture.Learn Behav. 38(3):319-28.(9) 2. Lyn, Heidi (2017) The Question of Capacity: Why Enculturated and Trained Animals have

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